Perpetual cartoonist and professional pop culture dork Jesse J. Barboza was born in Ohio, while it was still Kentucky, in the frigid August of 1782. Clawing his way up from his humble beginnings as a chimney sweep for the Archduke of Detroit, Jesse sold his first oil painting at the age of eighteen and a half, to a bearded man who lived under a highway overpass, for the tidy sum of thirty-eight cents and an expired can of Beef-A-Roni. Riding the momentum of this sale, Jesse graduated with honors from Hamburger University and went on to eke out a living as a comic strip artist, preparing hand-crafted and 100% biodegradable art for such esteemed clients as Geraldine Ferraro, Kirby Puckett, and that guy from WHAM! who wasn’t George Michael. Jesse currently resides in Iceland, with his pet rhinoceros Bumper, where he spends his free time practicing the ancient art of Korean dance fighting and poking small animals with sticks.